Our products

Canvas + Wood frames are made from premium Australian hardwood. Your photos will be printed on 100% cotton canvas using a high-end printing technique. Through our niche specialisation we have polished/ honed the process to produce a high quality and contemporary product.
We source only the best materials to make our frames. The stretched canvas can be framed by your choice of two premium Australian hardwoods - Blackwood or Tasmanian Oak. Both options are timeless and create warmth and add natural character to the printed image.

Float Frames 

A float frame is a stylish picture framing technique that leaves/ creates a gap between the image/canvas and the frame. The shadow line adds depth to the image and the image appears to be floating within the frame, hence the name.
This technique is typically reserved for framing high-end artworks and gallery displays. We love this style and have simplified the process to make it available to anyone looking to display their images in this stunning way. This technique would typically require weeks and multiple suppliers to print onto canvas, stretch the canvas and then frame which is time consuming and very costly.
At Canvas + Wood, we specialise in float framing. It's all we do and we love it! We design, print and frame your images and artwork in our workshop and deliver Australia wide direct to your doorstep.

Tasmanian Oak Frames

Tasmanian Oak is a beautiful and popular light coloured Australian hardwood sourced from a group of eucalyptus species grown primarily in Tasmania. It can range in colour from straw blonde neutrals to having pinkish hues with a darker grain. Tasmanian Oak framing adds warmth to prints and spaces and is timeless blending with a variety of interior styles. 

Blackwood Frames

Blackwood (Acacia melanoxylon) is a very attractive Australian native timber perfect for the creation of fine, high-quality picture frames. It's a hardwood that is long lasting and it radiates a unique subtle beauty. The colours range from light honey brown through to a dark chocolate brown and even reddish brown.  It has a beautiful dark grain that highlights it's unique beauty. The grain is usually straight but it can be wavy. Our Blackwood frames are sourced from the southern states of Australia through the best sustainable practices.

Stretched Canvas

Our stretched canvases are made from a high quality 380gsm triple primed titanium white cotton canvas. The 100% cotton canvas is stretched over a braced pine stretcher bar with a rounded edge profile.


We print your images directly onto the stretch canvas using our Flatbed UV printer. The UV inks create a stunning matte image which is resistant to fading. 

Steel wire

Your frame will arrive with a steel wire hanging system secured to the back of the frame. Your frame is lightweight and it can easily be hung from a small screw in the wall. If you require advice with hanging your frames please contact us v and let us know what type of wall you have and we will be happy to help.