About us

Canvas + Wood was born from a passion for creating high quality, timeless and sustainable products that enrich lives and spaces. Our homes and personal spaces are an extension of our individuality and creativity and Canvas + Wood brings a contemporary approach to printing your photos.

Canvas + Wood was founded by Sean Connolly. With a background in horticulture, design and landscape architecture, Sean has combined his passion for natural materials, great design and creating positive spaces in his creation of Canvas + Wood.


"We believe it's time to start printing photos again and finally we've made it simple and stylish with our contemporary spin on the process" Sean Connolly.


Valuing local and quality craftsmanship, Canvas + Wood products are handmade from their workshop in Brisbane.


They are committed to minimising the impact of our modern throwaway culture by creating sustainable pieces that last a lifetime. Perfectly blending with a variety of styles and furniture, Canvas + Wood frames enhance your home as an expression of your character and experiences.